About Me

My name is Danielle I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and work at a Television News Station

No not as an anchor or a reporter but I produce the news!
I’m in my 20’s.

I read blogs for about a year and half before I started this one. Since reading posts in the healthy living blogging world I have learned a lot about workouts, recipes, life (from all journeys) and of course I have learned that the weight the scale tells you is just a number and doesn’t define you. (even though I have to check it almost everyday) When I started this blog I was set in my ways of staying the weight I was… now I realize that it feels better to eat what I want and be strong. Strong is the new skinny and I think I now believe that fully. Somedays I feel blah but after a good workout I always feel better and since I started to really run and workout I have gained some weight (muscle I’m hoping) woot woot!

My boyfriend recently moved in with me and although we weren’t dating for that long of time before all of this happens it feels right. I met Eric playing softball when I made him catch all the balls in the outfield while I just stood there and looked good (right?) Since then I haven’t looked back!

I’m excited for our future! Or maybe this is the reason why?

Just kidding obviously. (:

I have two of the cutest dogs in the world. Harleyyybear (Which the blog is named after) and Hunterrr.

Harleyyy was the first dog I ever fell in love with. I never thought I would have a dog ecsp at the age of 22 years old but when I saw him I couldn’t say no! He is definitely my life. He is the one guy I can always count on to be there to cuddle when I need to or give me kisses when I’m down.  Oh btw he is a mini schnauzer mixed with a cairn terrier

Hunterrr is the newest addition to the family. He is a Shih tzu mixed with a Bichon. He is fluffy and cute. He is supposed to be a lap dog… well maybe one day. Now he is just filled with puppy hyperness.

Family has become a very important part of my life ecsp. In the past two years. I’m for sure daddy’s little girl but as I grow up I realize I’m more and more like my mom.

I have three best friends…

My famous friend, Lynda who has been there during the hardest times.

Definitely the most thoughtful person in the world, Steph.

And Grimm, the only guy friend I don’t get annoyed of. 😛

I’ve completed one 5K race for Lupus. PR: 27:25

I will run in my first 10K MudRun in a little over a week.


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