More Big Things!

One thing about me… I hate waiting and that is exactly what I have been doing all day. Waiting for my blog to get moved over to my domain. Blahhh! So earlier today I had to get off the computer and stop hitting refresh every two minutes! I decided to start my workout! I didn’t want to run around my house because I was kind of getting sick of seeing the same views and running the same routes. So I went to a nearby park. I first looked it up online and on it said the path was 5 miles. I knew that couldn’t be true but I went anyways. I didn’t really set a time in my mind to run for but I wanted to get a 5 mile run in before my race on Sunday. It was beautiful out today. Perfect day to run.

The lap that I saw on the website was only about 1.5 miles. After that I knew it was going to be a long run. I hate just repeating and repeating and repeating that is why I try and do loops when I run instead of running around the block 50 times. Half way through my second loop I was like ahhh this is it I don’t want to do it anymore haha but I told myself I will just be 10000 times happier if I get it over with and just run the 5 miles! {there were also a couple of hills in the mix of this run} So what did I do… I ran 5 miles! (: I have only done this one other time before and since then I have come a longggg way! It is crazy how far you can come in a month! (:

I use the Nike+ GPS app to do my run so afterwards I looked at some of the options that it shows after your run.
12 - 4
This is one of them. It shows you how fast you ran at certain points. It is crazy to think that at my fastest I was running 6:22 and my slowest 12:36.. haha. So weird… Well anyways guess how long it took me to run those miles? Guess…. Guess…. Guess….
12 - 5
I ran 5 miles at a pace of 9:17 and a final time of 46:30 Woo Hoo! It is crazy what you can do when you put your mind to it. Right?!
12 - 1 (1)
Afterwards I was beat but I took a disgusting picture anyways! Yep… that is a whole hand of miles! (:
I went to my car, grabbed my water and a little after run snack and sat down to enjoy the view.
12 - 2
Yay fountain! This park is probably one of my favorite parks… It is just so beautiful!
12 - 3
I ate a Luna Bar… This is my second one. I tried one this past weekend and it was alright. I liked Caramel Nut Brownie a lot better! They were on sale at Giant this week so I had to grab a couple and give them a try.
Also on my run I spotted one of my favorite signs.
 12 - 1    
Do not feed the waterfowl. Isn’t that crazy? We grow up feeding ducks bread and now all of a sudden you can feed them? So weird. Do you know the reason why? Let me fill you in…. Ducks don’t stop eating when they are full. They just keep eating and eating and eating. So if people are feeding them they will eat until they burst… Or well that is what I have been told before! I still think it is fun to feed them though… (:
Oh and PS: today for the June picture of the day.. it is a sign! How convenient! (:

Well I just got an email saying the next step to self hosting is getting ready! Woot woot. Hopefully I won’t have to wait much longer!

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  1. Way to not give up! That’s awesome and you totally rock!

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