Marvelous Monday and Getting a Move On.

One of the blogs I read is starting Marvelous Mondays…

Which is perfect for me… you know why? Mondays are my Saturdays! (: Woot Woot so of course they are Marvelous! (Well I guess I do work the next two Mondays because of my schedule changes but still!)Next: I am less than a week from my mud run! Ahhh. it is almost here. Remember when it was 30 days away!Because it is almost here I gotta get my butt in gear! I took Friday- Sunday off from running… {not good} but Friday I had relay {I did zumba though and I did my summershred workout} Saturday I had no time in between relay and work and Sunday I just wanted to rest and rest I did. Now though I need some motivation. Don’t you hate when that happens? Sometimes when you take awhile off from working out you just don’t want to! I am still just extremely exhausted though I don’t know why! Boo anyways gotta get moving! I am really excited for the Summer Shred workout today! I’m gonna head out the door soon and I think go to a local park to do it. I need to get out of this house or I’m never going to get stuff done like go to the grocery store, do my workout, get my run in, etc! I can’t wait to share the workout with you guys then. {I can’t believe this is the last week of summer shred what am I going to do when its over? start them up again? :P} Oh and I won this weeks sweet giveaway from nhershoes! I can’t wait for it to come in the mail! I’ve actually won a couple of other giveaways that I can’t wait to share with you guys! (:Another note starting yesterday I decided this week is going to be healthy eating week in the Brown/Reidenbach household! So far I’m going strong! All I wanted yesterday was a cookie but I held back. I want to feel good after this run on Sunday. Sweets and bad eating can be put on hold.

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2 Responses to Marvelous Monday and Getting a Move On.

  1. LOVE that you joined in!!

    You are so lucky that your Mondays are Saturdays! I work from home so I don’t complain, but my husband hates Mondays, haha!

    Happy Monday love!

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