Last Week of Summer Shred!

So like I said in my post earlier today this is the last week for Summer Shred! I still can’t believe it. Out of all the workouts we have done… today was by far my favorite! It got me back on track, it was fun, and it felt good! So I’m going to share it with you so you can feel good too! (:

What you need… A deck of cards. Yep you heard me right. Unfortunately I had no idea where my deck was haha so I downloaded an iPhone app {duh, that phone can do anything} The one I downloaded is called Workout Deck of Cards or something like that. Here is a picture:

I got the free version which actually comes with a workout but I just ignored what they said to do and did the one from nhershoes. They do have a version you can buy for 2.99 and make the workouts custom.

So to the Summer Shred workout:

I hope the link stays with each workout so you can see what they are if not just YouTube them! So with the card you draw you do the number it says on the card and whatever the suit is you match that up to the workout!

This was great for a couple of reasons. Even if I was doing the same workout a whole bunch of times I didn’t get sick of them. Sometimes I do when I have a workout list and I have to go through it again and again. I wish I could just do a whole bunch of different exercises for the same amount of time it would take me to repeat the workout list 2 or 3 times.

Another reason I really enjoyed this workout was even though I got an Ace and had to do 14 of them in a row I knew after that Ace was done I didn’t have to do it again and that it was all down hill from there. So doing the bigger numbers really made it feel good instead of a drag. (:

I did mix things up a little bit though. As you can see when I drew a Joker I was supposed to run around the block well I tried to incorporate this workout with my run that was scheduled for today. So I decided I would run 4 miles. 1 before, when I draw the Jokers, and 1 after. The first mile I really pushed myself to get warmed up I finished in 8:12. Then it seemed like a Joker was never going to come up but it finally did maybe 2/3rds through the workout. So I went out and ran. I was pretty tired without taking very long breaks in between workouts. So I ran that one in 9:50 and then I came back home again and what did you know 2 cards later it was another Joker so I skipped that mile. There was no way that was happening. I ran my last mile after the workout. Another 9:50. So really I got 3 miles in and my #summershred2012 workout! (: {Perfect}

I also did my workout outside. Its nice out in the 70’s wind is blowing. I took my yoga mat put it on my back porch left the dogs to roam the house and jammed out to pandora. I faced my porch door though which was nice cause I could watch myself do the workouts to make sure I was doing them right the whole time. I’m always scared I’m doing them wrong. I also had some fans. Guess they just wanted to be with mommy! (:

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