Relay For Life

Friday night we had a tornado watch… Well that moved our Relay For Life event indoors. Which was fine but the gym we were at was extremelyyy hot inside!
When I first got there I helped Steph and Joe (DJC Productions) set up the stage, lights, etc. We grabbed some lunch from a nearby pizza shop. I got a slice of cheese and then went to a cute coffee shop nearby to get a frozen coffee drink. I needed something to help me stay up because I was already extremely tired.

I helped people register, handed them their shirts, and helped with everything else that needed to be done. While I was doing that we had our survivor social where we supply a dinner for survivors. They apparently always have tons of extra though so pretty much everyone gets to dig in.
{PS: I put all the pictures in a collage because I took a million!}

Top Left: Our cute program that Steph made! (:
The two food pictures were from the survivor social that I ate! Chicken, Veggies, Pasta Salad, and of course a cupcake.
The last picture is just a balloon that was hanging around.

During Relay there were tonssssss of activities to do. We had dozens of themed laps {disney, favorite sports, purple, backwards, etc} I didn’t do much walking. I probably went around 10 times haha but I did partake in other activities…

Like the Pie Eating Contest.

Duh who could pass this up? For a dollar you got a plate full of graham cracker crumbs, pudding, whipped cream, and a cherry on top! About 15 people or so participated. I got a chocolate pudding one (there was also vanilla) I didn’t do very well. haha. Honestly I didn’t think the contest would go as long as it did but it was still fun. I just shouldn’t have ate so much during the day so I was hungry by the time this came. I did however make sure I got all of the whipped cream off (:

Sometime in between the activities was the luminaria ceremony. That is when you go around and light them with glow sticks and we have a little ceremony to remember or honor.
This part of the relay would’ve been a lot better if it was outside so the bags would’ve actually glowed {the lights in the gym didn’t go off} but it was still nice. My aunt bought two luminarias one for my aunt that has cancer and my nanny that just passed away from it.
I bought one for my step dad that passed away a couple years ago. It was nice to remember the times we had. I took a picture of his bag and I like he was there! (:
They also had those cool cut out boxes with {Hope, Remember, Fight Back, and Celebrate on them} they were really neat! Probably my favorite decoration for the night!

Another activity I decided to do later in the night: ZUMBA!

There I am in the bright yellow committee shirt! haha Looking awesome of course! Zumba was for a full hour and a blast! Eric just watched and laughed at me and by the end of it I was pretty sweaty {good thing I received 3 shirts at relay} We had a lot of people actually do it though!

The night continued and I got some goodies.

They were handing out the Snickers Marathon bars. They were sooooo good! Tasted just like a snickers but better for you! yay!
I also got some stuff from tastefully simple! A Honey Apple sauce to put on chicken and whatever else and a caramel mocha frapp mix! Maybe that will help me cut back on my trips to starbucks every other day? Lets hope!
{I so want to have a tastefully simple party}
The picture in the top left was a beauty contest for guys! Haha. Each team could have one guy dress up as girls. They each said a little bit about themselves, did a talent, and then walked around to the different teams to raise money! The guy that won had over 200 dollars! Yay Relay!

By that time we were all kinda slowing down. Steph and Joe brought a camper so Eric, Steph, and I decided to head out there for some shut eye. I wasn’t really planning on sleeping much but I did have to be at work the next day so I am glad I did. It was freezingggg though! I was surprised I didn’t freeze to death outside! {Good thing we had relay inside after all}

We woke up, grabbed some breakfast, and hung out with DJ Steph. Listening to “Call Me Maybe” x 100. {Duh!} I sat at the registration table some more in the morning to collect any money before the end of the event since there were a lot of different raffles going on throughout the night!

I had to leave early to come home shower and head to work but Steph texted me to let me know how much we made this year!

Drum Roll Please…
Isn’t that awesome?
Great job Relay For Life WestLanco!
I am so happy I helped out this year on the committee. To see the event actually take place was great.
{even being inside had its perks}

Question: Have you ever participated in a Relay For Life event?

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