Right Around the Corner

Well June is right around the corner… (Tomorrow actually) and well I am super excited! (:
I have a packed month so I know its going to fly by when I’m just going to want it to slowwwww downnnn. You know the feelin’?

So why is it going to be so busy you may ask? Here are some reasons:
1. My work schedule is going to be switched around a lot. Eric won’t be able to keep up on what days I’m off and which days I’m not. (I’m off 1 entire weekend without using vacation days! woot woot!)
2.  The next weekend after that happens it is my Birthday Weekend! Sooo if you do the math right.. that is 2 weekends off in a row! WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I couldn’t be happier!
3. For my birthday we are going to the beach! (: Eric has a softball tournament there so I’m gonna tag along. Go to the beach, drink, and relax while he goes and plays.
4. My big Mud Run is in a little more than a week. I’m getting excited about it. A little nervous but I know Eric will be there and we will help each other along the way.
5. Tomorrow is Relayyy! So another day off from work! Woot Woot. I do though have to work on Saturday and will be dragging. Being up for 24 hours isn’t going to help my day at work. Oh well. haha.

So anyways. I won’t be able to blog tomorrow I just have wayyyy to much going on so I figured I would think up some June Goals:

1. Stick to a running plan. Maybe try 2 miles a day except on Tuesdays then do 1 and maybe Mondays knock out some more. With probably 2 rest days Wednesdays and Sundays maybe? I guess it really depends on my week! But I should put it on my calendar again!
2. Sign up for a 5k! I need to do it this time!
3. Try to eat 4 salads a week.
4. Teach Hunter how to go for walks and then take them on walks 3 a week!
5. Attend 2 fitblogs on Tuesday Nights
6. There are a few of blog/twitter/instagram things I am doing
Foodie Penpal! This is such a cool idea. Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean runs it.         Every month people sign up to do exactly what the title kinda says. She pairs you up  with another person that signed up and you send food to them. On the 5th I will get my penpal. Then I will contact them to see if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions. Then by the 15th I have to send out the box of goodies. The spending limit is $15. Then on the last day of the month I blog about it… How fun huh? If you are interested in doing it you have until the 4th to sign up. So go go go! You don’t have to be a blogger to sign up BTW! I’m looking at it as a great way to meet some more bloggers!

-Another thing I am signing up for I kinda brought up before #PhotoadayJune
Each day you take a photo that relates to the category that day.
You can do this too. Just hashtag it to twitter or upload it on instagram or post it on facebook do whatever you want. Just have fun with it! (:
-The last one I am participating in #JunePowerMealADay being run by Powercakes
What you do here is eat something that it says and take a picture and post it on twitter/instagram/whereever
They both seem like a lot of fun and I actually came across a lot more that I was interested in doing but I figured two were enough and if I want I can move on next month. Ya feel me?
So I guess tomorrow I will be posting pictures on twitter/instagram of my morning and me eating a rainbow.
So follow me @itsaharleyylife (twitter) itsaharleyyylife (instagram)
Question: What are your plans for June?
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