WIAW 5.30.12

Another edition of WIAW! (:I’m going to show you yesterdays eats plus today’s breakfast because I just chowed down.Breakfasts:

Yesterday I had the Summer Berry Oatmeal that I bought the other day.  With a side of coffee. It was good. I mixed in some strawberry greek yogurt and some blueberries. It was a good mix.

Today I had the Apple Walnut. I mixed the same things in.
Review: Now that I have tried all three of them. (Peach, Berry, Apple Walnut) I decided I’d let you know my opinion about them. Apple Walnut was definitely my favorite. Berry was good too though. I just always grew up with Apple Cinnamon oatmeal so I guess I’m kinda bias. I didn’t like peach as much as I thought I would.
The one thing I liked about them was the fact that I could read all the ingredients and understand them.

Its kinda hard to read (iPhone pic) but believe me you would understand them all too! So power to Quaker for that one. The one thing I noticed about all of them is that they are very sweet. The apple one says  22 grams of sugar… which I think is a lot. I mean i’m not a dietitian. It could also be because for the past 2 years I have only had sugar free oatmeal. I dunno what do you guys think? Lunch:
Yesterdays lunch was kinda thrown together at the last minute. I decided to visit Eric at work to eat with him. So I looked to see what we had in the fridge and most of it was leftovers from yesterday.

Ham and cheese sandwich and a side of potato salad.

We have tons of chips leftover though from our Memorial Day picnic so I put some of them in my sandwich too. Talk about throwback I used to do that all the time as a kid!Snack:
I got pretty hungry around 3 but I didn’t want to eat dinner then because I knew I had to go into work for a meeting and that pizza would be there and I didn’t want to chow down on that. So I made a quick snack.

Blueberry yogurt with blueberries and some pretty old granola. But I needed something sweet and crunchy. It was good and I’m still alive! Dinner:
Right before I had to go in for my meeting I made myself a salad.

I chopped up the rest of my lettuce that I picked from the deck.
Put some chicken in the oven and topped it off with some ranch dressing and dried cranberries. It was pretty delicious. Dessert: Before bed I had some dessert. One of the smart ones that I showed you last week. With the cookie dough sundae. It was delicious. That concludes this week of What I Ate Wednesday.Question: Do you guys put anything kinda weird on your sandwiches like how I put chips on mine?

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