Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow I have been super busy. Well I mean I’ve been busy outside of work. Eric was off Friday- Monday so I didn’t have much time to blog… and I guess I had time at work but I just have no motivation then.

So i’ll recap you on my weekend all day today andddd it involves an amazing recipe! (: (I realized I haven’t done much cooking or baking in a verrrryyyyy long time… isn’t that so weird?)

On Sunday Eric decided to celebrate this months secret date!  It was his turn to pick one out for me! since he didddd just buy me a doggie I decided just a small date would be good. Plus it was getting to the end of the month and we didn’t have a lot of time in our busy schedules until June.
So back up… I woke up… didn’t clip coupons.. because there weren’t any… had some coffee… and went and got my nails done. (ugh that takes forever.. but its always better when my nails are pretty)

Purple for Relay! and yes I do have more than three fingers. (:
I came home and it was off to have a picnic. So we packed the dogs in the car and headed to a park nearby.

Love his picnic basket? haha.
Eric went to the store and made us a salad to share, some subs (turkey and cheese for me and I think he got american?), some grapes on the side. It was delicious. We picked a picnic table and dug in.
We went to this park because there was a dog park inside so we could let the dogs run around a little.

The boys did so good while Eric and I ate. I really think Harleyyy has calmed down A LOT since we got Hunterrr. It is nice.
When we took them to the dog park they were the only two in the little dogs area. Hunterrr stayed under the picnic table for awhile but sometimes he headed out and ran around with Harleyyy. (see pictures above)
On our way home Hunterrr was out

Fell asleep in daddys arms. Isn’t he cute?! I guess to much excitement for one day!

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