Just Stoppin By

Not much has been going on today. I’ll break it down for you though.

1. I woke up this morning, ran 3 miles. Boy was that rough. It was already hot outside by 9 am. Boo. Thank goodness for a rest day tomorrow!

2. I got ready for the day and then fell back asleep… whoops!

3. Eric and I went to Costco and Giant to get stuff for Memorial Day! I’m making a pretty sweet dessert that I’m pretty excited about! Plus I got tons of free samples to snack on at Costco. That is really the only reason we go… lets be honest!
Then I made Eric stop at DD to get an iced coffee.

Blueberry Syrup of course.

4. We came home put everything away and Eric was out the door to ump softball at a tournament.

5. I cleaned. Hung out with the dogs. Ate this amazing lunch

Bananas, Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Honey in a Crepe.

6. Before I left for work I let the dogs outside and watered the plants. Check them out:
I really gotta figure out what to do with that Basil.. and AHHHH LOOK LOOK! That is a Green Pepper forming!

And look at all this LETTUCE! I’m gonna be chowing down on that on Monday. It is going to go perfect on some burgers! Woot Woot!

My mom calls me a farmer… I’d have to agree! (:

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