Shopping Spree

Earlier this week I told Eric I was in the mood to shop. (When isn’t a girl in the mood right?) Well he told me on Friday since he had the day off that we could go! YAY! I told him that if he went with and he didn’t whine when there I would give him $100 to spend. Considering he always buys me stuff here and there it really was the least I could do.

So our shopping spree started at Marshalls. I tried on 1000 dresses but these two came home as winners

The green one is really cute and plain and has pockets… what is a dress without pockets? thats right it isn’t one! (:
and the one on the right is super cute as well. It is a floral pattern. No pockets though.
They were both extremely cheap as well maybe like 15 each!

I also got a workout shirt

I loved this when I tried it on. It was long so it won’t ride up as I run. A sports bra is built in. Plus it was under armor… which I love.
You see today I really wanted to find some workout clothes. For christmas I got tons of shorts (enough for a week) and I just use tshirts that I have collected over the years but I wanted some workout shirts like good quality ones. Not just the cotton short sleeves. So this was a success!

Next we headed to Target. You can never go wrong there.
I searched around in the womans department while Eric went off to try to find some things for him.
I got some shirts
On the left is a cute salmon color shirt. It was a flowy fit which makes me feel good on days when i’m not feeling as skinny.
and the shirt on teh right is see through and long. So it would be good with leggings or over a bathing suit. It was also very comfy.
Oh and by the way all the clothes I bought at Target were on SALE! Nothing more than 10 dollars! That is the way to go.
I also got this verrrryyy cute jacket!

Eric said it wasn’t me at all but boy was he wrong! It even has shoulder pads! Duh.. sholder pads+me go hand in hand! Catch up babe!

I found some more workout stuff

A sports bra and another t-shirt.  I’m excited to try on the sports bra. I never had a back like this one so I want to see how much it really is different.

Right before I got into the dressing room Eric found me. He had the weirdest things in his cart. I thought he would buy clothes or I dunno but the stuff he picked up I would’ve never thought.

A bean bag toss and tic tac toe set, wiffle ball and extra balls, a movie, a ice cream scoop, and some baby outfits for one of his softball teammates that just had a kid! I guess Eric had Memorial Day Weekend on his mind with all this random stuff!

He also had this

For the dogs. Unfortunately it isn’t big enough for the places we want it to go… guess thats what we get for getting the cheap one but we are going to see if it works anyways!
I talked about getting one of these because sometimes I want to sit outside on the deck but we only have one tie out for Harleyyy which is fine because Hunter can’t really get away but sometimes I just want to close my eyes and relax a little but I’m to scared cause Hunter may get away or I won’t find him so maybe if we keep the two on the deck that would be easier? We shall see.

After the clothing part of the trip we headed over to the food! I wanted to see if they had the peanut butter I hear about all the time and got in my starbucks protein box the other day with my Viggle Gift Card.

and look what I found! Woot Woot. They had a couple of the big containers for $11 and I wasn’t 100% sure that I was going to LOVE it for that price anyways so I got the smaller packets to try it out first. I also got some of the new oatmeal containers. They look delicious and tomorrow I might try out the peach one… Doesn’t peach sound good?!

We then ended the trip by going to Lids. Eric wanted a new hat and when I found one for $5 I couldn’t resists. I mean I was already spending money I should just keep spending.

Eric got a Notre Dame hat and I got a cute Nike one. I’ve been on the lookout for a cute workout hat that I can just throw on when I dont feel like doing my hair! haha glad I could find one!


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5 Responses to Shopping Spree

  1. Carol S Brown says:

    I hope you had coupons for those oatmeals! And no wonder your dad loves Eric…Notre Dame??? Were you looking for your dad?

  2. I did have some coupons.. but they were at home. oh well. if I like them then I will just have to get more.. right?
    andddd don’t be fooled Eric is also a Penn State fan.. How? I don’t know but maybe my dad won’t like him anymore because of that haha. He said he was going to wear his notre dame hat and a penn state shirt to your house one day and see if he says anything

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