Summer Shred. Week 2, Day 4.

Todays workout… HARD! It might have been because I am extremely sore or because the workouts are just getting extremely harder! haha. I decided to skip on my run today for several reasons.
1. I’m sore.
2. Eric got to come home from work early today.
3. Todays workout tired me out.

It is okay though I need a day off from running I have been doing really good lately.

Todays workout that I’m going to share with you today is Wide Squat Pulses.

It is pretty self explanatory but your thighs are burninggg up a storm. We had to do 50 pulses.
So you spread your legs wide get in a squat position and pulse.
Try it! It is loads of fun! 😛

Rant Time:
I have to share with you one of the most amazing things I have had for lunch… EVER!

Peanut Butter on a Sweet Potato. I saw it on some blogs recently and I just had to try it… 2 of my favorite things combined and let me tell you, you need to try it! ASAP! I find myself craving it already!  Yummy!

I will end this afternoons blog with a cute little picture

This was cuddle time last night! Aren’t they adorable!

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One Response to Summer Shred. Week 2, Day 4.

  1. Molly says:

    Cute pic! And I have seen the sweet potato combo on blogs, too! I must try!

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