WIAW 5.23.12

It is Wednesday which means another

Breakfast 8AM:
My new go to.
Oatmeal with Strawberry Greek Yogurt and Blueberries on top with a side of Blueberry Coffee! (:Snack: 12:30 PM

Small AppleLunch 3:00 PM

My mom asked me to go shopping with her and then invited me to come back to their place for lunch. We had a chicken salad sandwich on a pretzel roll and some chips.Dessert 9 PM

Smart One Cookie Dough Sundae.I really tried to eat 6 meals today… that was the plan but my lunch was kinda late and I ate a lot of it so I wasn’t hungry for dinner andddd  I could’ve ate something healthy for dessert butttt I saw these at the grocery store the other day and had to get them. They are so good. and they actually have a whole line of desserts for less than 150 calories! The next one I want to get is Strawberry Shortcake.
Eric loved this kind though! Honestly, it was the perfect size. It was small but just enough to hit your sweet tooth!So yah kinda lame WIAW so I’ll leave you with a cute pic! (:

Hunters first bath! (:

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