Summer Shred. Week 2, Day 2.

Today’s workout was great!
I started with a 2 mile run with an 8:40/mile average. I really felt that I pushed myself in the last mile and ecsp the last half mile. (: I was super happy with the time. It kinda makes me not want to stop running even after the mud run. I like when running is “easier” than harder and having to start over again one day. I never felt this good when running… (Lets see how long it lasts when I start to pick up on the miles.)

I came home and did my Summer Shred workout. It was more of a weight lifting one and actually told you to warm up with like a 5-10 minute run so it was nice that both of my workouts went hand in hand!

Todays exercise of the day: Sumo Squat with Row

The picture is pretty self explanatory. You take one dumbbell put it in your hands and then do a squat. Do 8-12 Reps x3.
I really liked this workout. Honestly there weren’t many exercises that I did today that I dreaded. (Usually its just burpees.. or squat jumps. I don’t know who invented them but they should stop inventing things)

So anyway success on the workout today! (:

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