A Night at the Ball Park

So last night like I told you guys Eric and I were heading to the ball park. Citizens Bank Ball Park to be exact. We bought two tickets to the Phillies/Nationals game from one of Erics friends.

I was pretty excited to go even though it was a gloomy, cloudy, rainy day. Usually I wouldn’t need to go to a million phillies games a year which is why I kinda bought Eric his 6 game package for his birthday so that he could take his friends but this game was different. Bryce Harper was going to be there! (:

It was the first game he was playing in Philly and the first major league game that we would see him at. So we took the opportunity when it was handed to us and off we went to Philly.

Oh hey traffic.

When we first got there it was all about food. woot woot. haha. I got the nachos.

Yummy. Eric got some Chicken Fingers and french fries.

Then we took a not so lovely picture.

Check out those new glasses!

Our seats were good.

I liked sitting behind home plate. You could see everything happen. The hardest part was seeing how deep the ball really was going. But Eric taught me that if you watch the players move you know. Oh man hes such a professional! (: Thanks babe!

First inning and Bryce Harper was up! (:

Now you guys are probably really confused… I’m wearing a Phillies shirt cheering for a Nationals player… Well that is right… So here is the back story.
When Eric and I first started dating is when I really got into reading blogs after I came over Julies on PBfingers. She talked about how her and her husband plan secret dates once a month. I liked the idea so Eric and I started doing it. Eric was up first and it was actually our first date… but it was my first secret date that I’m going to talk about here. I took Eric to a Harrisburg Senators game.

I figured baseball was right up his alley and he was excited about it. I also got him a baseball so he could get Bryce Harpers autograph… All I knew about him on this day was that he was this great baseball player that is going to be in the major leagues one day… but before I left the game he became a lot more than that to us.
Unfortunately Eric didn’t get his autograph but that was okay. The whole game the Senators were down. Harper I think struck out at every at bat he was up for until the last one. bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, 2 strikes and Eric goes to me I bet he is going to hit a walk off homerun to win the game. I was thinking to myself “yah right, this guy hasn’t done anything all day, there is just one strike left until the end of the game he isn’t going to do anything”… So I said jokingly (I mean we just started hanging out so it was a goofy comment) “If he does that we will get married one day”… what do you know he hits a walk off homerun to center field which we all know is the hardest place to hit the ball. Let it be a coincidence let it be fate I dunno but now it is nice to look back on. (: So this is the whole reason why I like Harper… why we went to the game (besides the fact that Eric likes the Phillies and it was my weekend) and why seeing him hit in the major leagues in Philly for the first time was something we wanted to take advantage of.  Cute. Mushy. Crazy. Whatever.

Needless to say he didn’t hit a homerun yesterday haha and the Phillies did lose but we had a great time anyways. Even in the rain.

We left around the 7th inning when the Phillies still didn’t score and the rain was starting to come down harder. I didn’t get out of there though without some ice cream.

Goofy picture. I got it in a helmet cup though. I was more excited to take it home, wash it out, and try and put it on Hunter and Harleyyys head though. haha Needless to say that didn’t work out very well either. Eric will have to put a strap on it so it doesn’t fall off their heads.

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  1. The ice cream in the helmet is my favorite treat at Citizen’s Bank Park! Thanks for stopping by my blog…I love finding other local bloggers to connect with. I’m looking forward to getting to reading more : )

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