Summer Shred: Week 2, Day 1

The dogs let me sleep in until 7:30 am today! What?! Oh yah you heard me that is an extra hour! (:

When I got up I saw Steph responded to my text last night about breakfast and she wanted to go! Yay! Today is her birthday, Everyone say “Happy Birthday Steph!”

We went to the Prince Street Cafe which is where I actually went on Friday and I got something different! I did think about getting the oatmeal, pb, jelly, and banana wrap again though but I didn’t want to be tooooo full. So I got a wrap filled with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and avocado. This was the first time I got avocado on anything. I know I posted on here before but I never liked it. I bought one a couple of weeks ago to put on my salad and it actually wasn’t that bad. So I thought I would give it a try today! I didn’t take a picture of my breakfast though but I ate it along side a cup of coffee. It was good.

Then I ran some errands… got my oil changed and went to the grocery store. The fun stuff!

When I came home Grimm came over and we went on my planned 3 mile run. I’m glad Grimm wanted to go along because I wasn’t really feeling it today but like always I feel 1000 times better about myself today because of it. I did the run in less than 30 minutes about 9:30/mile. Which I think is fabulous! About 9-9:30 has been my average pace since I started my runs from last week. I am veryyy happyyy with that!

After we got back I started on my Summer Shred workout for the day. It was a cardio workout. Trying to get your heart rate up by doing certain exercises for :45 and then off :20. I googled a interval stop watch which was the best decision I have ever have. Last week I used my stop watch on my phone which was fine but I didn’t want to keep stopping it, then pressing clear and then starting it again.

So here is how it works you type in your first interval and then your second and the coolest part is you can put a sound with it. I picked clapping. “Yay Danielle, Keep up the great work!” That is what I was thinking to myself everytime I heard it. So another plus is I didn’t even have to look at my computer. I did the workout for :45 seconds heard clapping, rested :20 seconds and then moved on to the next exercise! (: Woot Woot!

So now we get to the workout for the day. In and Outs.
You get down in the plank position and bring legs in toward your chest and back.
You want to keep your butt low.
It is supposed to kinda look like this YouTube Video.

It was tough. I never did that exercise before. Which is why I decided to do this boot camp type thing so that I could learn new exercises! It is working!

One thing I’m kinda disappointed in myself for is I haven’t really been keeping up with the meal plan. I can never eat 6 times a day and it isn’t like I’m eating awful, I’m trying to pick good choices when going out but they aren’t the fish, chicken, salad, and veggies I should be.

This morning since I had that wrap which was mostly healthy. I mean I could’ve got egg whites instead of scrambled eggs but it had avocado in it which is good for you and tomatoes which are also good. That kept me full though for pretty much the whole day. It is now 3 pm and I had that breakfast at about 9 AM. Since breakfast I had some Banana-Honey Chobani Greek Yogurt (which is like the kids size) and a banana. I’m probably gonna hit up Starbucks on our way to the ball park tonight and then of course I’ll eat up there but that is no way close to 6 meals a day let alone really 3. I am drinking a lot more water though! That is a plus! I’m extremely proud of myself for that. I was really lacking in that department for a long time!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’ll leave you with the weird flower on my patio.

You see the one in the middle… That is a 2 for 1. Cool huh? and look at the stem on the left. Weird!

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