Chicken BBQ and Viggle Award

My weekend kept movin after the Girls On The Run event. I headed home and picked Eric up since he was finally home from work!

We headed out to the Worlds Largest Chicken BBQ. Can you believe that the worlds largest is in my town… pretty crazy huh? You can either go into the park and eat the BBQ or it is a drive thru. But I figured that Eric and I would go into the park and have a cute little date picnic. We haven’t really seen each other much in the past few days so it would be a great time to catch up and eat outside on a nice day.
These pictures are kinda far away but in the first one you can see the smoke from the cooking of the chicken in the middle and on the picture to the right that is where you pick up your food. After we picked up our two boxes we headed to a nice grassy spot and put down our blanket.
Check out all the goodies:

Chicken, Roll, Chips, Ice Cream, Iced Team (Luckily I got the pomegranate one which is the only tea that I like) 2 bags of M&M’s, and there was even a banana under there.
I ate everything but the banana and a bag of M&M’s and I only ate a little bit of my chicken.

I’m glad they had bananas though because I was out so I wanted to save them for my yogurt later in the night! (:

Here is Eric eating his chips… look at those studly glasses! (: He posed for this picture. (Loser :P)

 Yesterday I finally used my Starbucks Gift Card that I got from Viggle!

I bought a protein bistro box. I wasn’t really excited about the dinner that I brought to work (salad) and I really wasn’t in a meal meal mood. Just kind a snacking and honestly I woud’ve never got this thing if it wasn’t for my Gift Card. Why not try something new when you don’t have to pay for it … right?
the picture on the left is the stuff I ate… The stuff on the right I didn’t but I put it in the fridge for today… Maybe I’ll get to it. The main reason I bought the box though is because of this:

Justin’s Peanut Butter. I hear raves about this peanut butter everywhere on blogs and even last week I made Eric drive with me 20 minutes away to try and find some but at the healthy food store that we went to they only had one kind and I didn’t want that one. Dear Justin… I want some of your peanut butter closer to me! Like the chocolate peanut butter! Thanks! (:

I thought it was pretty good! It tasted like peanut butter. (uh duh!) I’m excited to find more somewhere… I think the next closest place is at a Wegmans in Downingtown. That is a little far… but hm.. maybe one day!

My fun weekend didn’t stop yesterday though. We have more fun stuff planned today and tomorrow! (:
Busy Busy Busy… I bet Eric is excited for all the fun stuff we have had planned this weekend too!

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