Dinner and a Run

So I wrote this post yesterday… and it just poofed away. Who knows where it went. So lets try again…

Friday Night:
I had the night off of work since I worked during the day. I didn’t want to cook, clean, or anything. haha I just wanted to relax. So I decided to go out to dinner by myself since Eric had a softball game. I hit up Prince Street Cafe. Which is a cute little place and I sat outside. Just me, my iPad, and some food. I started off with a Berry Smoothie

Yummy! It was apple juice, berries, and I think bananas. Note to self: Smoothies make you cold even on a sunny bright day.
Next my main course came out

Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Jelly, and bananas in a wrap. This is seriously the best thing in the world! I find myself craving it all the time!  I get it everytime I come to this cafe.

After dinner I headed home to take a nap before going out for Stephs birthday. I didn’t take any pictures of the night out on the town but it was a lot of fun! (:

Saturday Morning:
Yesterday the dogs had me up at 6 in the morning… and considering I didn’t go to to bed until after 2 I was dead. Plus I was feeling kinda blahhhh from the drinks the night before. But I decided to lace up my sneakers and go on my 2 mile run I had planned. I felt so much better after I ran and honestly I have just been feeling 100000 times better about myself since I started training and the summer shred workout.

Before I knew it I had to head out the door to do some volunteer work. Last week I decided to sign up to be a course marshall for the ‘Girls On The Run‘ 5K run/walk!

I think this program is great! 3rd-5th graders getting together after school for 10 weeks and learning about healthy living… Gosh why wasn’t I signed up? They do a lot of community service also in those 10 weeks…. and the last Hoorah for finishing the course was this race!

Over 1000 people were there almost half were girls! That just amazes me… I mean honestly could you even think about running a 5k in elementary school? I couldn’t… I didn’t even know what a 5k was until like last year. haha.

They placed me at the very last turn of the run.

See that pink circle that was me!
I was kinda nervous I was at the wrong spot for awhile until a guy came around and drew an arrow on the ground! Thank Goodness! It was just way too much pressure.. what if I messed up all these girls personal records. That would’ve been bad.
Here are a few of the first people coming down the last stretch! Run, Run, Run!
It was a great event and I’m glad I got out of bed and did something just by myself on a Saturday morning. Plus I volunteered! That always feels good!

They also gave me these cute pom poms and a cowbell to cheer people on.

This was just part one of my busy day… stay tuned! (:

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