Summer Shred Day 5

I woke up this morning and did half of *todays* Summer Shred workout. The other half was cardio which I am going to run my 2 1/2 miles after work tonight hopefully since my day got flipped upside down.

Todays workout that I did anyways was weight stuff. This is the stuff I like. Learning new free weight exercises to do… Here is the one I will share with you today: Deadlift

You start standing up and then bend over like the picture above with weights in hand. We had to do each exercise for 2 minutes each. No rest in between. By the time I got to the end of the workout plan my arms were beat.
This was probably one of my favorite workouts this week.

I didn’t do yeterdays exercise yet but I plan on doing it on Sunday. Sometime life just gets in the way of exercise but I still plan on getting it done. Which is good. It should be a quick exercise so it’s no big deal that I’m going to complete it on my “day off”

I’m soon off to work and then I have a busy night ahead and a busy weekend! (:

Question: What are you guys doing this weekend?

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