The Back Page and a Treat

Yesterday Grimm and I went out for our Monthly Date.
We went to The Back Page in Leola.

I checked out the menu online before we went. The one thing that stuck out at me was the tomato soup. Yum but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get with it. On our way there Grimm told me they had a deck which I was super excited about… except when we rolled up it was a restaurant in a shopping center… and I was like deck?

Luckily they did have a deck and it was really cute outside. You didn’t even feel like you were in the back of a shopping center.

It was the perfect little bar deck area. Adorable.

We were the only ones there… well sitting on the deck anyways. I don’t know why anyone would want to sit inside on a day like that. Oh well.
After looking at the menu I decided to change my whole plan and I went with a crab cake grilled cheese… doesn’t that just sould delicious? I thought so and it was!

I also got a small salad for my side but finished it before I took the picture. The sandwich was so thick. Filled with crab.

It was definitely one of the best places we have gone so far and a place I will have to keep in mind for a drink during a summer night.

Some other big news:
I got to the Starbucks points on Viggle!

Oh yah.. check that number out at the top right hand corner… I cashed it in and can’t wait to get my 5 dollars off!

What a perfect treat!

This morning the dogs had me up at 6:30 am. Of course they did! So I got up and ran the 2 miles I had planned today! Good thing I did too… I’ll tell you why in a second. Then I went and got my hair colored and cut. It is now a dark chocolate brown. I love it! After my haircut I got called into work… which meant no summer shred in the morning/afternoon. I’m gonna try and get it done after work if I’m not tooo exhausted. Plus I have to be up early tomorrow to come into work again. So my workouts going to get pushed back to after work and before partying for Steph’s Birthday! (:

Eric and I have a pretty busy weekend. I’m excited for it though! Finally something planned that we can do and a nice weekend to do it! Sunny Skies!

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