Summer Shred Day 2 and Tricep Pushups

Today is Day 2 of Summer Shred and I was excited to see today’s workout when I woke up this morning! It had a warm up run of just 2 minutes but I used this time to run the mile I had planned for the MuckRuckus Run. I finished it in 8:30 which I was happy about.

When I go out on the runs I love using the Nike + GPS app on my iPhone. One of the reasons is because it posts it on my facebook and I love hearing the cheers when people like or leave a comment on it. I also like how it puts my music through it so I can start and stop it with the run.

One thing I wish it did was to update me on how much I have been running longer. I’m always wondering how long it has been and since I wear it on my arm with a band so my hands are free I never know. There is probably a way to change that in the settings somewhere and I should really look into it because I’m sure it would make me run faster if I saw how far I ran in a certain amount of time. In fact I finally just did it. haha.

After my run I started my Summer Shred workout. It had me sweating. Even my knees were sweating… gross. Pretty much all of the workouts that were on the schedule were new to me. Which I am happy that Bobbi gives you YouTube videos along with them so they can show me how to do them. The workout I am going to share with you today is the tricep pushup.
Usually I don’t mind pushups… when I only have to do like 10 of them. At boot camp sometimes you have to do more like 15 and then I get discouraged and move on to girly pushups instead of doing them regular when I know I can. Pushups always make me hurt the next day no doubt about that.
Anyways back to the tricep one. These are different then regular pushups because you use your triceps… go figure.

You start with your hands in a triangle position like up above. Then you go down in a pushup position keeping your arms close and your hands under your body. I only had to do 10 of these but I did them as girl pushups anyways because I didn’t know what to expect. Even on your knees though they were tough. You could feel your tricpes working. I had to do this twice through the circuit along with other tricep workouts.

Day 2 of Summer Shred down… tonight I have boot camp. Lots of workouts today but I’m excited about it! (:

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