Summer Shred. Take 1

Today was the first day of my Summer Shred Exercise program that I signed up for being run by Bobbi! (:

The dogs had me up at 6:30 am… (Thanks for that… NOT) One day I am hoping I will be able to sleep in again! I guess I also have to thank them though… It got me up and moving early.

I started my workout for the day by heading outside and doing 2 miles for the training for the MuckRuckus Run… Just 27 days away. I actually had a good time. I ran it in like 18 minutes and some odd seconds which is A LOT faster than I have been running the past couple of days… and this is the reason why I think I ran faster before my run I actually mapped it out so that when I got home I knew it was going to be 2 miles. I had a finish line to run to. Before I would just run around until the app on my phone told me I was done but this time I actually kinda knew how far I still had to go.

Then I came home and I still wasn’t hungry so I decided to move on to the Summer Shred. Bobbi gave us a workout to do kinda like the boot camp workouts I do on Tuesday Nights. There was a list of 20 workouts that you do three times. It was supposed to take 20 minutes but it definitely took me a lot longer. It was tough but I liked it! (:

I’m gonna try and share one of the workouts with you guys that are new to me. Today it is the Plank Ups. I know planks are good for you and they are a great workout but I had no idea what a plank up was until this morning.

The workout targets shoulders, chest, triceps, abs, and your lower back… and it’s no joke. It is a mix of a plant and a push up.

  • You start in plank position
  • Then straighten one of your arms
  • Then the other
  • Then go back to the plank position one arm and then the other.
  • Repeat for a minute.
The one thing that I like about the Summer Shred is that I can do it from home. Which is perfect right now since I’m trying to do my running outside because that is where my run will be plus I’m not a big fan of running on a treadmill. I just get bored. I also don’t like putting the dogs in the cage. Even though they are sometimes annoying when I’m working out because they want to “help” I still like to be with them. Today Hunter even paused my stopwatch on my phone… Thanks Hunt! ( I wasn’t done with the workout though)

Great Day 1 of Summer Shred!

What do you think about the Plank Ups?

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