Big Day!

Today was a big day in the Brown/Reidenbach household… Hunter went on his first walk! (:
…well kinda!
He gave his best effort. That is for sure!
Look at him go. It was definitely hard walking these two. Harleyyy wanted to go go go and Hunter was like what am I doing. lol Hunter got to about the end of the street then he started to whine so I picked him up and walked Harleyyy a little more.

Now they are cuddling next to me on the couch!

I also did some weeding in the front of the house today and look my plants that I planted the other day are still alive! YAY!
two of my favorite flowers I got. (:

Now I’m hanging out… maybe I’ll take a nap or maybe I’ll do some workouts while the news is on.

Right now though I’m eating my snack in between breakfast and lunch.

Strawberry/Banana Greek Yogurt mixed with half a banana and a breakfast blend. It is delicious and fillin’ me up!

What is your favorite snack? 

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