30 Days!

30 Days! Thats all I have left before I participate in the hardest run I have signed up for to date! (Considering I have only participated in one 5K haha)

It is the MuckRuckus MS Philly 2012… and well I haven’t even started to train. (I should probably get on that don’t you think?) I’m thinking I begin tomorrow.

Lately I haven’t really been running just doing weight lifting/eliptical/and Boot Camp classes but now I gotta step it up and get movin.

This is what we are going to look like when we are finished.

So anyways more about the run. Eric and I signed up like I dunno 6 months ago. haha. One of Eric’s friends sister has MS so we are raising money for her. The run is kinda like a mud run type style. You run like an actual mile and then you hit obstacles. The total distance is 5 miles of water, mud and muck… Yum.

I actually checked out the obstacles today for the first time while brainstorming how to train for this type of run. I mean its not like it is just running running running you actually have to use your body and be fit with that too. So any suggestions you might have would be great!

Here are the obstacles (and their descriptions):
Swing Set– Run, Jump, and stick the landing or you will fall into the muck!
Tight Rope– It’s all about strength and balance if you want to stay out of the muck!
Walking on Water- Move fast unless you want to fall into the water!
The Pits- Run as fast as you can. Jump as far as you can. You’re still getting dirty in this one!
The Spinner- Run, Jump, Spin yourself all the way to the other side of this monster obstacle.
Oh Crap- Upper Body Strength, Balance, and Determination will keep you from shouting the name of this one as you land in the muck.
Fun to be a Fireman- Climb up and slide down the pole
Big Balls- Run through big balls.
Pitfall- What goes up, must come down. This one is muck-tastic.
Shake a Leg- Shake them both on this cargo net.

They have pictures of all of them on their website here. Take a look and be amazed at what I’m about to get myself into!

I am taking donations for the run if you want to donate! Just Click Here! And remember it goes to a great cause!

So now I need your help… How the heck do you train for this type of thing?
and have you guys participated in one of these runs before? Did you enjoy it?

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7 Responses to 30 Days!

  1. Good luck! Sounds and looks like loads of fun. 🙂

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