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Last night was a rough night of sleep… I guess I passed out pretty early because Eric took a picture of me with the dogs.

Come on now boys hows a girl to sleep? I couldn’t even move. Hunter likes to sleep on the pillow… which he eventually moved to but last night he decided to roll off the bed and onto the night stand that you can kind of see in the picture… not just once, but twice! What are you thinking dog?!

Well anyways now to the title of this blog entry.
Viggle! Have you guys heard about this cell phone app? Steph has been raving about it for awhile now and well Tuesday is my watching tv night so I decided to give it a shot! So here is what you do… First download the app. I know iPhones have it… Android not to sure.

See it there? That Purple thing. Great!
Now this is why the app is so cool. You check into the shows you are watching on tv and you get points… those points can be turned in for FREE THINGS. That’s right I said free.

So you click on the app and you have it listen to your TV.

Once they match it up they ask if you want to check in. You say yes! Great now you are earning points! One thing to also look out for is certain shows get you more points then others.

If you watch Revenge on Wednesdays at 10PM on ABC well you are in luck because you get 300 points just for checking in… Then additional points (1 a minute) for every minute you watch! Great huh?
Another way to get points… You see that Play along with Viggle Live… Well thats kinda like a trivia game. I played it yesterday while watching New Girl. That was my first time watching the show and the trivia questions were about last weeks episode… but I played anyways… you want to know why… the right answer got you 15 points but the wrong answer still got you 5. Woot Woot! I didn’t get any right but… oh well.
Another way to get points… Watching ads. Sometimes when you check into the show you see an ad under it… like the picture below.

Well you click on it and watch the 30 second or so ad and you get a certain amount of points. This one got me 50! Great!
Another way to earn points… Posting on Twitter of Facebook that you are watching.

Yesterday I was using twitter because I figured it would annoy less people. Plus I never use twitter so it would get me started using it some more. You can also read other peoples tweets that are watching the show. Sharing gets you 5 points!

Pretty neat!
So what are the rewards you may be asking… Well there are a bunch but I took a picture on my phone of some of the lower ones.

Red box free rental? Starbucks Card? iPod Touch? Won’t mind if I do. Right now I have a little more than 2000 points! (:
Granted I don’t really watch anything else but CNN except on Mondays and Tuesdays I figured I could get some points while searching around on the computer and having the TV playing in the background!

Great App so far. I’m excited to start using it! Let me know if you download it too! (:

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7 Responses to Viggle App

  1. Wow this is a great app thanks for sharing!

  2. Have you tried cashing in on your points yet, just curious if you actually get what they say they are offering.

    • I have not. I will be soon though I’m almost at the Redbox free rental. My friend Steph though that told me about this app has cashed in 4 free rentals now and they work! (: I’ll have to aim for the Starbucks one. The app seems legit though! (:

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