Food Survey Time

I saw this survey on Emily’s Post last week and decided it would be fun to do.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke.

Lemonade or fruit punch? Neither.

Caramel apple or cotton candy? Neither. Man we aren’t off to a good start huh?

Butterfinger or Snickers? mmm. Snickers.

Pudding or Jello? Pudding. Banana Pudding to be exact!

Turkey or chicken? Chicken.

American or provolone cheese? I like both but I guess I usually get American.

Crackers or cookies? Cookies for sure.

Pretzels or chips? Right now, Chips.

Mexican food or Japanese food? Japanese! I love Sushi!

Chinese food or Italian food? Italian.

Ice cream or cookies? mmm. tough call. I guess Ice Cream!

Pizza or pasta? Pizza.

Soda or juice? Orange Juice.

Chocolate bars or chocolate truffles? Chocolate anything…

Apples or bananas? Bananas.

Salad or soup? Soup.

Cauliflower or broccoli? I guess I buy Broccoli more than Cauliflower but they are both good.

Onion rings or French fries? French Fries.

Blizzard or McFlurry? Blizzard.

Fried or poached eggs? Fried?

Crepes or pancakes? Both Both Both! If I want to stuff them then Crepes if I just want some pancakes then obviously pancakes.

Hash browns or roasted potatoes? Has Browns

Oatmeal or cereal? Oatmeal.

Now it’s your turn. Answer a few of the questions from above!

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