Flowers to Garden

I’m gonna start this post with some good news…
I got more of this in the mail:

mmm. Blueberry K-Cups… my fav. I couldn’t wait to dig into it this morning.
Another thing I’m in love with right now

I know.. I know… no surprise there I’ve been raving about Greek Yogurt for a couple of weeks now… but this Champions stuff is bangin.. and mix it with…


Anyways… onto why my blog is called Flowers to Garden… Today I talked my mom into going and getting flowers with me for the deck.  I guess I didn’t have do my research because my mom said what do you want to do… and well I had no answer. haha. I figured being there would give me some inspiration. We got back after stopping at Starbucks for our half off frapps. OHHHH YAHHH! and started getting things planted. (Even the rain held off for a little)

On one side of the deck we planted Orange and Yellow flowers.

The other side Red and White

So pretttyyyyy. Eric also got me some extra holders one day as a surprise including a whole bunch of other things to go along with it
So I found some Vegetables… Herbs… and we had some leftover flowers to fill them up.


Parsley…Oregano…Sweet Basil

Green Peppers… Eggplant… Orange Peppers

And the leftovers.
I have like a jungle out back now… I won’t even have to go to the grocery store. We can live off of the food outside. haha… I know Eric just loves to hear that!

Today Eric is at a Phillies game… (one of his birthday gifts) and I’m at home with the dogs. (: I don’t know who would ever want to be away from the pups. 😛

So since it was just me for dinner I made some Shish Kabobs I bought last week and put in the freezer

along with some Quinoa and Veggies.

Now that is a lot of food. I couldn’t even finish it all! So delicious.

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