FUME Watches

Yesterday I was looking at Groupon… like I usually do and probably shouldn’t because I see all these amazing deals and I don’t want to say no… Well yesterday was not different. There was a deal for FUME watches… Have you guys heard of these?

The deal was pretty much to hard to decline. It was 2 watches for 15 dollars. So I asked Eric if he would wear one if I got it and he said he would. So today I went to the website and bought them. I was going to get white so that it could match pretty much everything but the one bad thing about the site was that the only colors they had in stock were orange and green… Which isn’t really a problem because Orange is my favorite color and Eric said he would like a blue or green one… so that made that decision easy.

Now these watches say they have some health benefits… This is what the website says:
“FUME Watches are not only a fun way to tell time – they also carry astounding health benefits!  Every FUME Watch is infused with Negative Ion Technology.  Negative ION Technology is becoming more and more popular with athletes, and also is getting a great amount of attention with health professional. Negative Ions help with with strength, balance, flexibility, circulation, and much more!”

Sounds good huh? Well what about all this:
 Full List of Health Benefits using Negative ION Technology:
Increased metabolism/fat loss
Strengthening of immune system
Better balance and flexibility
Balance of autonomic nervous system
Increase flow of oxygen to brain
Strengthening bones
Increased Blood circulation & purification
Faster recovery from physical exhaustion or fatigue
Stabilizing brain function
Improvement of Arthritis & sleep disorders
Improved mental focus and sexual health
Muscle repair
Reduced depression

Now I know.. how can a watch do all that? Well guess we will find out! I’ll have to update you guys when I get it and use it.

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5 Responses to FUME Watches

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, I also bought 4 of these FUME watches when that groupon came out in April. Did you receive yours? I ordered in mid April and STILL haven’t received them!! I’ve made several complaints and spoke via email to the support team, which claim they’re sorry, and another shipment will be sent out, but they can’t tell me when arrival would be?! I can’t be the only unhappy customer. What’s your experience been? Thanks, lisa

  2. tina says:

    I just received my that I ordered from the groupon. I have a flashing hello on my screen. Does yours do that.

  3. Joan says:

    Having trouble setting time, bought these for kids, do you think they can be worn in pool

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