April Goals -> May

So last month I started to do monthly goals. I think actually having them written down actually helped me a lot stick to things and boy oh boy do I need to figure some out for May!

Lets go over last months.
1. Have solid workouts at the gym 4 days a week… 
I’m pretty sure I stuck to this (except the vacation week)
2. Take at least one boot camp class a week.
Steph and I did this one as well of course except for vacation week.
3. Take Harleyyy for at least 3 walks a week… this should be a daily thing and it will get there!
4. Eat at least 3 salads a week… I need to get back on the healthy eating thing
I absolutely have been doing that… and since I started I have been eating a salad like once a day. Which is perfect. I need to keep it up.
5.  Only go to Starbucks/Dunkin/Sheetz for Coffee 3 days a week.
Well I didn’t count.. but I definitely went less than usual… This month though… everyday I have had one… I think it is because of my new love for frappuccinos (:
6. Go out to eat with at least one of mine/Eric’s family members a week.
This one… I did it half the month. Eric’s softball games every weekend I think kinda held us back. Maybe I can try a different way to get together with everyone.
7. Do something good for Earth day April 22nd!
Complete fail. I blame the rain. (:
8. Plan the Orlando Trip!
Obviously that one was done. YAY!
9. Sign up for 1 5k for May
Well I was going to do one today but my legs are killing me from a workout I did earlier this week. I think I need to find someone to do a 5k with… that is the only way I’m going to stick to it.
10.  Date a week with Eric.
Check! Check! Check!

I haven’t thought of any for May yet but maybe i’ll brainstorm tonight at work and post them! (:

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2 Responses to April Goals -> May

  1. lynda says:

    See Lynda everyday…duh.

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