Day 3: Hollywood Studios

If you haven’t been here in awhile I am recapping Eric and I’s trip to Orlando last week. If you missed any of the past blogs here they are…
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Now I’m going to talk about the first half of our Day 3. Which was when we went to Hollywood Studios.
The first thing we did was head to the Rock’n’Rollercoaster
I let Eric take a picture with the Tower of Terror because that is one ride I wouldn’t go on.

After that we went on a “ride” that took us to the back scenes of special effects in the movies. It was really cool. First we saw how they did some stuff in the new movie battleship.

Then we walked to the tram car thing that took us around some more but on the way we saw some props from different movies.

Hannah Montana Movie. Woot Woot.
Then we got on the tram and were put into an actual event that would take place in a movie. Where water was coming all over the place from the mountains. Here are some pictures to kinda show you.

Some people even got wet.
We then walked around a little more on some “sets” in the park. How they showed you were in NYC and San Fran without even being there.

We then hit up probably one of the coolest things in the park The American Idol Experience. It was really neat. I couldn’t take pictures but it made you feel like you were in the show. 3 people that tried out at the park went against each other and then at the end of the day the winners all day competed. We didn’t stay for that but it was neat to vote for the person we thought was best!
Next we went to a special stunt show. We only stayed for a little though 1. because there were a million people. 2. because we were starving and 3. because they kept having problems but it was cool to see how they perform the car chases in movies.

Did you know that sometimes they use two “hero” cars one with the person riding forward and another with the person riding backwards. That was something I didn’t know before this event.
Next it was time for food! Which I was super excited about…. You want to know why? because we ate at Pizza Planet!
Eric first tried to win me one of those green animals in the movie but that machine wasn’t working so he tried another one… and still failed. 😛

Then we got in line and ordered our food.
Look at that veggie pizza. Perfect for me since I LOVE crust and of course a souvenir pizza planet cup. What else? haha.

We also saw some sweet characters when we were at Hollywood Studios:

I also got Eric posing with what it looked like at home.

ha ha since the first day we were in Florida PA got some snow.  (:

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