Day 3: Epcot

By the time we got to Epcot… we were both pretty beat. It could’ve been the lack of sleep, or the hot sun beating down on us all day, or the walking around all day. Whatever it was it definitely affected our time out at this park. We wanted to stay for the fireworks but we were in bed by 9:30… ha!

Yah we are cool. haha.
While we were there it was also The International Flower and Garden Festival.
So pretty flowers were everywhere… so beautiful.

We did a couple things in the invention buildings that were fun. We also made another rollercoaster and rode it… (we didn’t go upside down though because of last time)
Then it was the ride Eric was excited about
The Seas with Nemo and Friends. It was inside which was a plus and it was relaxing another plus. You just went through a ride and saw nemo.

Eric and some of his favs.
Then we headed to the different countries.


In China Eric got me this ring:

The picture doesn’t do it justice haha. But I got to pick an Oyster out of water then they opened it and my Pearl came out and then Eric said I could pick any jewelry to put it on. So I picked a ring! (:  I love it! Thanks Babs.

Here are some more pretty garden pictures:

And an Instagram picture to end the trip.

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