Time out real life

So I decided to take a timeout from the Disney blogs to fill u in with some real life stuff at the moment. Kinda like a rant time out.

The past couple of days I have been visiting Lynda in Atlantic City.
Yesterday Steph her and I ate all this…

Then went to grab some of this…

Mmm call us fatties but the sushi was all u can eat and we can’t get together without getting some fro yo right?
Later that day we visited her work where she is famous!

Woot woot!
Then we went out with some of her coworkers to a bar for some drinks. The past couple of days have been a blast (: I miss when the three of us can get together.

More rants… This has been my breakfast at home lately.

Yum yum. That’s strawberry banana bread that I found at the grocery store last week. It is really good especially with some peanut butter on top and u also see some yogurt in that picture. Oh yes that is right I have become addicted!


Eric got his diploma in the mail the other day. Bout time. I was jealous his came in a frame though. Now I need a frame for mine so we can hang them up somewhere (:

I got pulled over on my way to ac Sunday night for swerving. Guess I can’t look down at my gps and drive At the same time. Oh well I passed the talking test I guess because he realized I wasn’t drunk and let me go. I mean it was 2 in the morning and no one was on the roads so who cares if I want to dance in all the lanes… Right?

Alright that is all for now (:

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