Day 2: Magic Kingdom Pt. 1

I’m recapping Eric and I’s trip to Orlando this week. If you are just tuning in here are some past posts
Day One: Universal Studios Pt. 1
Day One: Universal Studios Pt. 2
Day One: Universal Studios Pt. 3 

Tuesday started our trips to Disney. Magic Kingdom was the first on the list. So we woke up early, got ready, ate breakfast, and we were off.

Once we parked we jumped on a tram that took us to the ticket area. Then we had to jump on a boat to get to the park.
Do you see the castle? Do you see it? Eric was super excited.
Look at his pin. “We’re Celebrating!”
Once we got to the park we took the usual pictures…
Nothin Like Memories.

Getting closer to my future home.
Woot. Woot.

Oh Hey there Walt.
Okay enough pictures of the castle… for now…
Oh wait! One more! (:
After a million and one pictures… I mean who doesn’t want to get the castle in every angle right?
We headed to Tomorrow Land… First Destination: Space Mountain Fast Pass.

We then headed to the best ride at the park

Laugh Floor Playing by Monsters Inc.
This show was like a comedy show that put the audience into the jokes. When we first sat down of course the camera came right on Eric haha and he had to dance in front of everyone. It was such a good show. I’d watch it over and over again.
“what did the porcupine say to the cactus…what? Hey Mom” Great joke Eric. (:
We then walked around some more… hitting up a few rides
Oh and getting more pictures of the castle.
Liberty Bell
Then it was time for lunch
I got chicken nuggets and fries while Eric got a pretty plane chicken sandwich and fries. (Obviously when you are on vacation eating healthy is out the door…) Oh wait I did get a veggie burger the first day! (:
We saw some of my favorite characters on our walk around the park
Toy Story is one of my favorite Disney movies.
Our last ride was actually the Toy Story ride at Magic Kingdom.

Space Ranger Spin. It was a shooting game… and well i’m awful at these games

My score on the left Erics on the Right.  Pretty lame huh? Oh well.
Then we walked around some more looking for something cold to drink/eat and we were out of there before the parade started. We had dinner planned with Eric’s Grandparents… that will be in Pt. 2

One last picture to end with

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