Day 1: Universal Studios Pt. 3

Florida Vacation Recap

Day 1: Universal Studios Pt. 1
Day 1: Universal Studios Pt. 2

Here is Pt. 3. After Harry Potter world we continued on… Through Jurassic Park

and Toon Lagoon

I saw this picture and just had to take a picture for Grimm
We rode a couple more rides. Spiderman was our last one. That one was fun until it broke down when we were on it. We kept moving but the music would stop and then the video would go off. Which was a shame because this was a really sweet ride definitely in the top 5 even with the problems.
Since this was actually the second ride problem we had that day we decided to call it a day and grab something small to eat.

We went to Margaritaville in City Walk which was the area that connected the two theme parks.

I got a Margarita of course and we shared a huge plate of nachos.
We only ate half of them and finished them off later in the week.
That was our view… and of course a picture of us.

Then we headed out since we had an extremely long day and headed to bed.

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow! (:

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