Day 1: Universal Studios Pt. 2

If you are just starting to read for the day I am recapping Eric and I’s trip to Orlando this week.

Here is the other post I wrote earlier today
Day 1: Universal Studios Pt. 1

So now to pick up where I left off. Eric and I headed to Island Advenutres which is the second theme park at Universal Studios.

When we first go there we went through Seuss Landing

Where we got a picture of this for Harleyyy. Dr Seuss is his favorite author. If you remember when I read him the book I got for my cousins baby shower and he loved it!

We were pretty much one 1 mission when we got to this part of the theme park:
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 

This was the best place ever and had the best ride of our whole vacation.
The town is set up like the movie
Cool huh?
We first started by walking around and going into the different shops. They were selling everything from the capes (100 dollars) to wands (35 dollars) It was pretty sweet!

We then got in line for like I stated before the best ride of the trip!

Here are just some pictures of what you saw in the line which was like a ride in itself!





Then it was time for the ride. haha. You can only imagine how big this place is. The ride was awesome. I could’ve rode it all week.

Eric and I had to get a picture next to the ride.

After the ride we got in another line while sipping on Butter Beer. (no alcohol was in them)
It tasted like a butterscotch slushy.
We were in line for a wand viewing. It was like when Harry got his wand in the first movie they picked out a kid in the crowd and did it to him. It was neat.

Then it was time to move on… Pt. 3 coming later! (:

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