Day 1: Universal Studios Pt. 1

So as you guys know Eric and I went to Florida Monday-Thursday this week and had a blast! It was exhausting but fun. I told Eric that the next vacation we go on will be relaxing.  haha. Like laying poolside with drinks in hand, etc. Well anyways lets jump right on in to the past vacation.

I got home Sunday night at like 11:45 and couldn’t sleep. (go figure) So when I finally did 3:30 am came a lot faster than it should have.

the bags.

We headed out the door and off to Baltimore to fly out of BWI with one stop Orlando but before getting on the plane we had breakfast.

tan Danielle.
I had the veggie flatbread sandwich with a banana and coffee from DD

See ya later rainy weather.

When we got there it was just palm trees in sight. What could be better?
We caught the shuttle to the rental car, picked it up, and we were off to Universal Studios. I was especially excited for this one. I got to meet Eric’s grandparents, Harry Potter World, and it was the one place I haven’t been to already on our trip.
Woot woot Universal. When we first got there we parked and headed to Starbucks to meet his grandparents and grab an iced coffee. Then we were off to do the rides. Many of the rides at Universal and Disney World aren’t rollercoasters they are more like 3D and 4D rides where you just sit in the ride and it shows like a movie and you move around. I liked them. Eric’s Grandma works at Universal during the busy times so she had a pass that got us through all the fast passes which made the morning go by so fast. We just jumped in the lines and went through! So much fun. As far as I remember haha I believe The Simpsons Ride was my favorite. We also stopped at Fear Factor Live where they put on stunts like that are on the show. That was neat. Then it was time for lunch. We went to Richter’s Burger Co. I got a veggie burger I thought I took a picture but I guess not. Fail. It was really good. They also had one of those machines where you pick your flavor of soda. I talked Eric into get Peach Sprite. It was actually pretty good. I was surprised. haha.

After lunch Eric’s grandparents headed home and we were off to Island Adventures which was the other half of Universal. You will have to wait for that half of things though because I do have a lot to get done today so I’ll hopefully post the second half before work. (:

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7 Responses to Day 1: Universal Studios Pt. 1

  1. Molly says:

    How fun! Cannot wait to read along 🙂

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