Spray Tan

I decided to get a spray tan before my trip to Florida and boy was I nervous. haha. I just hate doing new things that I don’t really know what to expect. So I found a tanning place around here that does a mystic tan and watched the video with the instructions. Didn’t seem to bad. So this morning I got up early did the necessary steps before hand and headed out the door.
But not before getting a before picture:

Don’t mind the “ugh I just got out of bed look” haha Or the awesome full blue outfit.

The tan was definitely an experience… The lady showed me how to do it and then when I went to the machine wasn’t on so I had to go track her down and try again. In the machine you are supposed to hold your breath and I think I was just super nervous because I couldn’t hold my breath for more than 5 seconds before I thought I was going to die…. maybe it was all the chemicals in such a little room? haha who knows.

When I was done I came home and took an after picture

I still look amazing I know… and white. haha. The tan actually took hours to set in. I was just sticky at that point.

Now I look like this:

DARK! It didn’t really sit in until like 4 pm. Which I thought was weird because I seriously went in at 8 this morning to beat the crowd/not see anyone when I go and embarass myself.

Another part of my big day Eric made me breakfast and lunch today. I’m a lucky girl. For lunch he made one of my favorites…

A Burger… not just any burger though… but a Giant Cheese/Bacon Burger… ugh it is so good!

and some mac and cheese and shrimp with butter

Yum… He actually took those pictures while I was waiting on the couch for the surprise.
Look he is a natural blogger already! (:

Well I have a couple more hours of work left then going home to sleep for a few hours and then its off the airport! I won’t be blogging during my vaca. No thinking about work, or blogging, or anything but Eric and I on vaca. But I’ll have lots to talk about when I get home! Yay!

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