See Ya Later Harl

Today is the day when Harleyyy goes on vacation. Up to Eric’s Dads and Step Moms house. He is all excited… However I’m gonna miss the little guy. I started packing his stuff up today so Eric didn’t have to do it later… and what would you think packing for a week long trip for a dog would look like? Well here you go! (:

Well as you can see Harleyyy doesn’t want his favorite toys packed yet but hes going to be mad when he forgets to repack them later!

So what is inside?

His skunk, Alligator and some treats.

Extra poop bags.

His back up food and water bowls

Food… yum yum.

Clothing which includes his snuggie, sweater, rain jacket and of course his Phillies Jersey. They are still going to be playing even when we are away.

Shoes… you never know if you are going to need them. Better to have them then not right?

and of course a picture of Eric and I… he is probably going to miss us. Lets be honest.

I still have to pack his antler.

He loves that thing… and while sitting here and blogging he decided to already start unpacking his toys… He brought me his skunk.

boy oh boy.

Then he passed out on top of it… He really doesn’t want that thing packed yet!

I love that guy.

On another note I found the perfect thing to make for my bake sale. I started baking it yesterday but it is definitely a two day affair. Once I have it finished though I’ll post it! So adorable!

Do you guys like my blog posts centered or to the left?

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