Brick House Cafe

Yesterday Grimm and I had our monthly lunch date. It was my turn to pick the place and I had a living social for a place in Manheim called Brick House Cafe.

I love little cafe places they are so cute and usually always have good food plus good coffee.

So when we got there I saw they had blueberry syrup on their menu for coffee. Which had me so excited. I’ve been trying to find a place that has blueberry forever now since I got blueberry flavored coffee for my kuerig (you should so try it)

It was delicious! I couldn’t stop smelling it.

While we waited for our food they had trivia pursuit cards from like the 1970’s on the table so we quizzed each other.

They were pretty hard questions haha but Grimm was SO surprised I did so well… haha NOT!

Waiting patiently.
Then lunch came out…

I got a tuna melt and it was so delicious. I ate the whole thing and I was so full afterwards. Probably shouldn’t have done that but it was so good!

Another good thing about this trip I only had to pay $4 for it after the Living Social that is. Woot Woot! Plus I would totally go back. Good food. Good environment. Good Coffee. (:


Other things that happened yesterday. Eric got a promotion at his job! YAY! (: It’s always good rolling in more dough.

I didn’t go to the gym yesterday my legs are actually still really sore probably from Boot Camp on Tuesday. I’m gonna head there today though and take Saturday and Sunday off before the big trip. It’s getting closerrrrrrr!

Oh, on Saturday I am going to a yard sale/bake sale for Relay for Life and since I don’t have anything to sell for the cause I was going to bake something… anyone have any ideas? Please, Please, Please?!

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3 Responses to Brick House Cafe

  1. Lois Reidenbach says:

    How about your Cheerio breakfast cookie. It would be healthier than the normal bake sale fare and parents there with kids could easily buy and give them as a snack while garage saleing. Just a thought.

  2. Carol S Brown says:

    Nice plug for Greg’s brother…I should tell him he should comp you for your nice blog.

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