Secret Date April

This month was my turn to plan a secret date for Eric. We alternate every month where one of us plans a cute date for the other one. Some are extravagant others are just normal.  We’ve been doing this ever since we started dating and I love looking forward to the occasion.

Here are some pictures of our first dates.


That was probably the best one. So beautiful.

Senators game. (:

April’s Date wasn’t crazy or anything.. considering it was just his birthday and we are going to Disney in less than a week but I’m glad we chose yesterday to do it because it was WONDERFUL weather.

Sometimes we keep the date a secret until we pull up to the place but yesterday when he got home I told him what we were doing… Hitting some golf balls! (: He changed the plans a little to where he wanted to go. haha. but what was funny is after I told him he said that’s what I was going to suggest. Go figure.

We started at the Driving Range.

(the balls still there babe :P)
These were all at different times haha kinda funny that I got every step. I never went to a driving range before so it was nice to have Eric teach me how to hit the ball haha. I  got a few of them in the air. (:

Those were my balls. Holla!
After hitting some balls we were off to play some mini golf.

I gave Eric a mustache… kinda. haha. He always complains that my hair is flying everywhere. whoops.

Eric got a hole in one at one of the courses

He told me to keep score because it was the only way I was going to win…

but he is lucky I kept it fair! He still won though. boo.
Then we headed to dinner! I bought a living social at a place where we first played mini golf months ago so I figured we could go back there for dinner. It was yummy.

I started with a beer!

Then we got an app… Crab and Spinach dip. It was really good.

and for dinner I got strawberry chicken, veggies, and mashed. I only ate half of this obviously but it was soooo good Eric took the rest for lunch today!
We then came home and I passed out… yes like before 7 pm. I had an awful headache and still do. I hate headaches.

It was a great date! Can’t wait for mine in May! (:

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