Life is all About Taking Steps

Today I did a lot of this…

Oh yah its almost here! (: and with temperatures like this:

It is going to be AMAZING!

Harleyyy and I were waiting outside for Eric to get off of work…

I was watching earlier seasons of Giuliana and Bill while Harleyyy was bird watching. He loves chasing birds to the point today that he ran out of the house chasing birds. Not a good boy Harleyyy. He came back though… he couldn’t be 1 minute alone he always has to be by someones side.

Eric decided to play this cruel joke on us. I guess he snuck in the house while I was outside and texted me that they were making him work another hour… which was weird… but hes been working like crazy lately so I went along with it. Then he sent me a text that says what are you doing? outside with harleyyy. I responded with yes but i’m usually doing that before he gets home. Then he said was Harleyyy stuck around the pole and he was so I knew he was home. haha. so mean. We took harl for a walk and then relaxed until it was off to boot camp class.

Today’s class wasn’t awful. I mean it sucked but nothing really new. 
I just hate these things… prowlers but we don’t have weights on them. haha.
They are just dumb!

After boot camp I made dinner. I’ll show you that tomorrow for WIAW and now I am watching the new episode of Giuliana and Bill. Have I told you lately how much I just love this show? because I do… A lot.

In today’s episode Bill said “life is all about taking steps” when Giuliana was walking over a big piece of wood high in the air. She could only take one step before giving up but he was still so proud of her (he is seriously the best haha) and just that one step was enough. Next time she’ll take two. So adorable and true.

Take it in and think about it! (:
That is my homework for the night.

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