Wow! An Accomplishment!

The title is really all I can say right now.

After doing some cleaning/packing and watching season one of Giuliana and Bill (love that show) I decided after two episodes I have to go to the gym… or I would’ve stayed inside all day just doing random things. So after two episodes I got ready… grabbed my magazine and stepped outside… Wow was it nice out. I thought to myself.. do I really want to go to the gym or run outside? Well it being the hottest day of the year so far I decided outside it is! I ran back inside my house downloaded the latest podcast from npr.. .”wait…wait…don’t tell me.” grabbed my iphone holder strapped it around my arm and I was off. I didn’t set a time or a distance I was just running for fun. I went around the area I got lost with Harleyyy the other day and just kept exploring. By the time I knew it 3 miles hit and I was keeping a good pace I didn’t want to stop nor was I extremely tired. I use the Nike+ GPS app on my phone to track my distance that way it tells me in my ear how far I have ran every mile my pace and time. Well a little after it told me I hit 3 miles it told me I was hitting my furthest distance and to “pump it up” Well I just kept running and running and running. I told myself okay when four miles hit maybe i’ll head back for home… but once I heard that four mile mark… I didn’t want to stop until I hit 5… and I hit it! 5 Miles! That is the furthest I have ever gone in my life. (: and I did it for FUN! Really? Who have I become? I did 5 miles in 56:34 minutes at a 11:40 pace but who cares. I never thought in my life I’d run that far haha. 5 K is where I stopped! I wasn’t running to race the time. I ran for fun… to just get out there and do something I never did before and this I think is one of the biggest accomplishments of my short running career.  (:

One thing I thought was pretty funny is when I stopped I felt like my legs were just going to give out but when I was running I felt like I could have ran forever.

When I got back I looked like this:

You could say hot mess… but a happy hot mess (:
and I had only one thing on my mind… A SMOOTHIE!

I haven’t had one of these in forever but man with the hot weather outside that is all I could think about. So I looked up pbfingers recipe page and picked one out.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry. I switched mine up a little bit. 1 cup of strawberries, 3/4 cup of light soy chocolate milk, a big scoop of chocolate protein powder, and some iced cubes.

I also put it in my coffee cup so it would make it seem like I drank coffee today because that is my go to usual after workout drink. Kinda like my treat! haha. 

Alright now it is off to getting everything else I wanted to get done today done before Eric gets home! (:

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One Response to Wow! An Accomplishment!

  1. Lois Reidenbach says:

    Congrats, that is awesome!

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