Baby Shower Gift

I’m excited I get to finally post about the gift I made for my cousin for her baby shower! I wasn’t able to attend so I know I had to make something good for in my place! (:

Since yesterday was her “surprise” day I can now post the end result.

Isn’t that a sweet motorcycle? I actually found it on pinterest (go figure right) and looked up a how to on youtube. It didn’t take long at all maybe like 45 minutes top. I got everything she had on her registry to do this which was great! So she had a lot of leftover stuff to put in the bag behind it. I also got a dog that looked like Harleyyy (go figure right) to ride on it and instead of a card she collected kid books with notes inside them. (such a good idea) I got her Dr Seuss’ If I ran the dog show (go figure right)

Even that guy looks like Harleyyy… (Ok, not every brown and black dog looks like mine… or do they?)

I actually read the book to Harleyyy when I bought it just to make sure it was Harleyyy Approved. (go figure right)

but the best picture of the day has to be this next one:

I got in the diaper spirit when I was putting together my cousins gift so I decided to see what Harleyyy would look like with one on… cute huh? I don’t think he liked it very much and we had to take it off. haha. (go figure right)

I have a fun and exciting day planned today. Eric and I decided we are only eating food we have in the house this week since we are getting ready for vaca. So I’ll be putting together a breakfast for us with what we got. I actually had to take inventory the other day to see what I could put together lol.

Today is supposed to be wonderful outside. (mid 80’s)  So I’m going to be taking Harleyyy for a walk and I need to get some gym time in there. I should just go get it out of the way but I keep pushing it back. I’m probably going to start packing some as well. haha. (hello its a week away!) but I just have this problem with waiting. I also need to clean the house and get ready for when Eric comes home because today we are doing his special date! (: I’ll explain about this one later!

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