Bootcamp #3

Time to play catch-up…

First starting with boot camp on Saturday morning. Like I told you before it was tough!

When we first got there we realized we had 2 trainers instead of one… They started us with a warmup like usual… jumping jacks, lunges, clap jacks etc… then they had us doing a warmup workout type thing. We had to do like 10 different exercises for 50 seconds then 10 seconds rest. Well let me introduce you to the most awful thing ever….
The burpee… I know I know if you are from the healthy living blogging world you already know about it but for those that don’t know what it is you start standing up, then go down into a pushup position, do a pushup, and then jump off the ground, and repeat! It’s not fun. I’ve always seen this workout on blogs and I’m just like that looks like way to much work so forget it… and I was right… but now I was forced to do it. Plus it didn’t stop there I had to do MORE later in the workout with WEIGHTS. What is this world coming to!

After we were done doing that group of exercises we went on a short run and then into the usual boot camp room to do the rest of the workout. They had a whole bunch of things mapped out for us to do and then a list of what to do and how many to do. We could do them at our own will though. So like 5 exercises here then move on to another one 5 there, etc. I don’t think I necessarily liked it better that way but it was a good experience. Today I’m not feeling awful. I thought my legs would feel a lot worse but its just my shoulders/back area. I feel muscels hurting though that I’ve never felt before.


Onto today! Harleyyy woke us up this morning… bring and early. I think probably the sun coming up at 7 am had something to do with it as well. While I got ready Eric made breakfast. (:

Egg Sandwich with jelly and cheese with a side of some bananas and coffee. Yum!
Then we headed off for his double header softball games. He went 4-4 with a single, double, triple, and in park home run. He makes me proud! (: haha.

After the games we were already hungry. (I feel like the day after a boot camp session I am just hungry, constantly. I don’t know if it is muscels just burning calories or what… what do you think?) So we stopped for McDonalds. I got a cheeseburge and hot fudge sundae. (what else)

We took it home and ate outside with Harleyyy before taking him for a walk.

Then it was nap time and now it is work time. So gotta go! Happy Friday! (:

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2 Responses to Bootcamp #3

  1. Carol says:

    You realize your brother, the marine, lived through boot camp 🙂

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