Well it is finally feeling like Spring outside! Thank Goodness! and by the time my weekend comes along it will be 80 degrees (:

This morning I woke up and went to Bootcamp with Steph… it kicked my but… again. This time it was me throwing up. haha. What a mess. We had a different trainer… well two different trainers and I’ll have to update you on the workout they put us through in another post hopefully later tonight.

When I got home I was hungryyyyy! So Eric and I went to a little cafe nearby and I got a huge plate of food

Egg white veggie omelette with cheese, hash browns, and wheat toast.

With a huge cup of latte.

Next we headed home to play with Harleyyy.

Hey harl where’s the ball that is supposed to go with that? haha
I sat on my chair and relaxed while Eric played with Harleyyy.

Another cute picture. (Thank you Instagram)
You would think Eric is Harleyyys favorite by how many cute pictures I take of them… but don’t be fooled that is so not the case! (:


I have to head off to work soon. Yippee.

Oh yesterday I finished watching the movie Eric got from redbox. It was Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close.

I’d give it a C. It was very emotional… kinda weird at some points. Eric didn’t even watch the whole thing he got bored… but he watched Hop this morning and loved it.  haha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring day! (:

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4 Responses to Sparingggg

  1. That latte looks veryyy good, I am craving one now!!!

  2. Carol says:

    That’s right Eric is not his favorite! Grandma, with all her goodies, is his favorite! Grandma hasn’t seen him for a while either….maybe soon?

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