A Day of Pampering

Today was set aside to be me day. Aren’t they always the best?

This morning I had a haircut appointment with my cousin.

Pretty Hair. Next appointment I’m going to get my hair dyed again. Can’t wait for that. I still can’t believe how nice the color grew out… you can’t even tell that I had it darker a couple months ago.

Then the next thing to get done: Nails

Getting ready for DISNEY! I just had to go Minnie Mouse style with the white dots! (: Now everytime I look at my hands the count down is on. haha. (Thanks for making the wait seem even longer)

Of course what better way to end the me day but with… FRO YO!

I was starving after all that hard work fun. So I got some chocolate/peanut butter yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, granola, graham cracker, and waffle cone. YUM!

For the rest of the day I will be getting under the covers because it is freezing in this house. HELLO SPRING WHERE ARE YOU?! and watch a movie that Eric got from netflix last night. Then eat some lunch and maybe take Harleyyy for a walk if there is time. It is really cold out though and he doesn’t do well in the cold. So we shall see. He is acting like a maniac right now… go figure.  Then its time for work.

Tomorrow I work a double so I’m happy I just relaxed today. No gym. Just me time.
But Steph and I have decided to go to Boot Camp Saturday morning. woot woot. We heard it is like the busiest time in the world. We will also probably get to work with a different trainer which will be nice to see how different they all are! Bring it on Boot Camp!!!! (:

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One Response to A Day of Pampering

  1. Hey girl!! I had to pick another winner for my heart rate monitor giveaway since the first winner never responded and you are my WINNER!! Please email me your info so I can send it to the peeps who sponsored my giveaway!!

    p.s. Your hair cut looks beautiful! Love it!

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