Boot Camp #2

Today I got some stuff done for Orlando. I handed in my credentials to get some free tickets at Disney and Universal. Fingers crossed we get them. The perks of the job I guess.

I was sooo hungry like all day. Like two hours after breakfast I had one of those banana oatmeal cookies I made yesterday. Then like two hours later I loaded up on the carbs with leftovers from Easter.

Sweet Potatoes, Potato Stuffing, and a roll. Eric took everything else to work the past two days. boo. I guess he needed to eat though… I GUESS!

Other than eating I did a whole lot of nothing. haha. Oh wait. I did take Harleyyy for a walk. I realized there was a park by us so I went that way instead of my usual path… well then I got lost. Don’t ask me how… but I did. It took us like 10 minutes to find where our house was. haha. During the walk though I was busy listening to a new podcast. Pbfingers was blogging about it the other day so I thought i’d give it a shot because I didn’t really find one that I liked yet. I was looking for a healthy food/workout one but none really impressed. So this one was completely different it was more current event/newsy which I’m into. It is called “Wait… Wait… Don’t Tell Me” It was good. It poked fun at the GOP race (which I guess lack there of now) and other interesting things.  Our walk lasted about a half an hour. We were speed walking. I wasn’t letting Harleyyy sniff and smell every little piece of grass like he usually does. Good thing we were speed walking too or we would’ve been out there for hours trying to find the bread crumbs to get home.

I came home sat on the couch closed my eyes for like 5 minutes before Eric got home. Then before I knew it… it was off to boot camp for the second time! I was pretty nervous all day for it actually haha. but this time it went 100 times better than last week. I think it was the water that made all the difference. Most of the workouts were the same… They added a couple though like this one

okay okay.. it wasn’t that big of a tire… but it was huge. definitely weighted like 3x more than me. That was a challenge. We also got the opportunity to meet the long run. Which sucked but today I kinda felt like the running was the easier part of the workout… I looked forward to it this time. Which is good news.

Before we went in though Steph was talking about how last time she was looking for a shortcut for the short run… haha so today after the long run I said to her “I found a shortcut for the long run… its the short run” hahaha. I know I am just so funny!

When we left we just had to take a picture at the lost door we went through last week actually thinking it was the entrance to the gym.

Lets not be fooled just because the name is on the door… doesn’t mean it is an entrance. haha. They are doing some construction out there so its kind of a mess. Def tricked us though.

When I got home Eric was taking a nap so I put dinner in the oven. It wasn’t even worth taking a picture of and lets just say we threw the leftovers in the trash. Oh well. You live ya learn.

For the rest of the night I have some great things planned. Giuliana and Bill is on. Then 16 and pregnant. (I fell asleep before last weeks so hopefully they play last weeks at 9 then the new one at 10)  and some ice cream.

The weekends just go by so fast. So not looking forward to my Monday tomorrow…. but oh well.

Oh PS: I found a 5K I want to run next month. I’m super excited about it… but I don’t have someone to run it with me. Anyone interested? Please? Pretty Please?
Oh and I also found a half marathon training guide. I’m thinking about maybe doing it. I think Boot Camp is what I needed to get back into things!

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