Easter #2 & #3

Easter Easter Easter.

On Saturday after we had our little Easter Egg/Basket hunt we were off to my moms.

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend but we ate a lot of food and had a lot of family fun!
My mom hid baskets and eggs. haha you can never grow up which is good because I don’t want to! (:
I found our basket inside the house and then my mom sent the girls out front to find one egg. Whichever egg we found the boys had to find the one in the back yard. So the girls were pretty lucky there. I found mine first and Eric found his last haha. This was our finished basket.

Yum Yum Yum.

Then I went to work and it looked like this:

Fun Fun Fun.

On Sunday we woke up early. Thank you Harleyyy! We got ready and headed out the door to Eric’s Dads house.

Harleyyy was enjoying the ride.
When we go there Harleyyy chased a cat around that was staying there… or really the cat was chasing Harleyyy. It was good to see him getting along with another animal. ha.

They had an Easter egg hunt for his nieces. so cute.

Eric also got a birthday gift.

It def beat my gift for sure. He loves it.

It fits perfect on me too! (: Don’t be fooled.

We ate some wonderful food and then had to leave pretty quick so I could go to work. blah.
work work work.

At night I watched this movie:

SOOOOOOOOO FUNNNYYY! If you haven’t seen it yet… sorry about your luck cause you can only watch it on Easter! (:
I laughed out loud… a lot!

Well I am glad it is my weekend now. I have a lot of things to catch up on laundry/grocery shopping/cleaning.

and then the fun stuff… blogging/pinterest.

I just bought a good deal on iTunes

$6.99. Holla! Can’t wait to listen to it!

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