Date Night

When Eric got home Date Night began! (:

He told me to go finish getting ready cause we were going out. This can mean a lot of different things. Note Porch Furniture.

We started by going to the bank to get these bad boys turned in.

Oh yah vacation!

Then we ended up at Petco. I guess Eric found a coupon somewhere for 10% off so we went and bought Harleyyy something.

A Phillies jersey.  We have been wanting to get this for him for awhile now so i’m happy we finally did. Now he is ready to rock it for the games. (maybe they will start to win?)

Then I got the best idea ever. To run to target in search for the newest LC book I posted in my last post.

I got the last one there that was signed by her.

Pretty friggen sweet if you ask me!

On the way home we decided to stop at Sonic for dinner. (see this is why I never make the meals I have planned for the week)
However I was pretty excited about this one because I have been wanting to try their Sweet Potato Tots.

So I got them and a snack size popcorn chicken with honey mustard. The tots were pretty amazing and I actually liked the chicken. It wasn’t that spicy like some can be.
We ate outside and put Harleyyy in his new outfit.

Yes the tag is still on. I just wanted to make sure it fit before I took it off. He is so adorable.

Mommy Harleyyy lovin.

We then headed out to the movies to see…

The Hunger Games.
I never read the books so I was just seeing it like any other movie and I thought it was alright. I’d give it a B. Eric really liked it. He said he wants to read the rest of the books now… we’ll see if that happens 😛 but if he does maybe we can read them together. I guess I would do that.

Now we are home and playing with Harleyyy. I’d say it was a pretty successful date night! (:

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