Easter #1

Lets back up to yesterday…
Eric had off work. YAY! We started our morning with going to breakfast with my mom and Brad. Eric decided we should wear the same shirt… well pretty much.

we are pretty attractive.

At breakfast Eric and I both got omelettes and we chit chatted. The breakfast was for his birthday last week.

Then we went to the mall. I got an Easter dress which you will probably see debut on here soon and some cropped yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret.

We picked up Harleyyy and headed to the dog park.

Harleyyy looks like a bunny in this picture haha.

He met some friends… but then a rope was involved and Harleyyy just doesn’t share. So we decided to go for a walk around the area. Harleyyy obviously needs a brother because he definitely acts like an only child.

One thing I think is funny when we take him to the dog parks he hides underneath the tables or behind Eric and I… but when we are walking him around and theres a dog he wants to go right up to them and sniff them… I just don’t get it.

Then we came home. napped. ate lunch. and it was off to another day of work.

Apparently Harleyyy likes milk.


Today Eric woke up early for a game for his tournament this weekend. (They had two last night and now their record is 3-0)

When I got up he still wasn’t home so I decided to put together a basket.

Sour Jelly Beans

Recess Peanut Butter Cups

and of course Recess PB Eggs… (What is Easter without them right?)

Then while Harleyyy was outside I put together his Easter egg .

I hid 14 of them around the house… (really there is no hid part but they are placed around the house.. each with one treat)

When I let Harleyyy back inside he didn’t really go to them so I decided to put him in his Easter outfit.

Sweet shirt Harl!
Then Eric got home and found his basket.

He was pretty excited! (I reused a basket from last year haha)
Eric then helped Harleyyy learn how to open his eggs.

and how Harleyyy is going crazy with them all. Hopefully he doesn’t get a sugar high before grandmas.
and now for the picture of the day….

Meet the Easter Bunny! (:

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