Chicken Sausage and Quiona

Yesterday I woke up early. Ate my usual egg and jelly sandwich with a huge cup of coffee before heading out with Steph to find sponsors for Relay. I think we were pretty successful I guess we will find out if they send anything back. Halfway through our trip we stopped at this cute little coffee shop and split half of a cheese bagel and I got an iced latte. Yum. The bagel was really good.

When I got home I had a lot of things to do, laundry, take harleyyy for a walk, clean up around the house, go through my 100000 emails for work, and make dinner.

For dinner I made Chicken Sausage/Quiona/ Asparagus/ Spinach yumminess.
The best part of it though was I had this:

and this…

Quiona… and this….

Yummy Dessert all cooking AT ONCE. You heard me.. multi-tasking!

After the chicken sausage was done I put the water and sausage over the spinach to make it wilt.

Then I chopped the sausage chicken up and added the Quiona over the spinach. I learned this wilting trick from pbfingers. Such a good idea.
After everything was cooked I combined them all.

Lots of greens for me and sausage for Eric.


Today I got up ate my normal breakfast.
I am still so sore today but I’m gonna head to the gym and just do the eliptical nice and easy while watching Season 1 of Giuliana and Bill. I am addicted to the show now. They are seriously the cutest couple in the world.

Have you guys watched the show?
Then I am going to drink some coffee, take harleyyy for a walk, and get ready for work. Fun Fun.

Tomorrow Eric has off of work. Which is exciting. We have breakfast plans bright and early! yay for that.

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